This is Dusty. 

He needs a quiet home; not a lot of people traffic. BUT he needs activities and direction. He is an intelligent boy. (he told me that himself) He is affectionate once he knows he can trust you. 

He just didn't fit into his first owners lifestyle and took them seriously when they told him to guard the house. He feels his job is a protector; against strangers (hence a quiet home) and other dogs. But he loves to play and he plays rough. He does want to be top dog if he is not the only one. His second home was with an older lady and there was not a lot for him to do or activities. He might be good at some AKC performance activities such as agility and rally. Food rewards are an enticement to do good; most of the time. He is not just a dog. He has brains and needs the challenge to use them. 

I do not want him to go somewhere he will once again be returned. He can live here forever before that happens again. So make sure you understand his needs and your expectations before inquiring about him.