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 As someone that may be interested in acquiring a Tibetan Spaniel, be it a puppy or an adult, it may be of interest to you that though this breed is a healthy breed they do have a  things you need to be aware of.  It seems that I forget to tell people about these things because they are so much a part of the breed that I take it as nothing unusual.


1.   THEY EAT POOP:  Most of the time it is a puppy thing and grow out of it as they become an adult. But not always. A good quick lick on the tip of your nose and you know what they have been doing. If there were one thing I could change about the breed this would be it. But I guess other breeds do this too. I have found that when I changed to feeding raw that this behavior stopped. You might want to consider this feeding a raw/BARF diet. 


2. THEY HAVE HERNIAS:  It is part of the breed. Umbilical hernias are very common, inguinal hernias occur also. They can be large or small. In all my 20  year in Tibetan Spaniels I have only had a couple of them cause a problem. Not all dogs will have them, but there is a good chance they will. A   hernia can be repaired when they are spayed or neutered, it is not an emergency procedure. Do not let your vet tell you otherwise.  


3.  A CHERRY EYE MAY APPEAR:  Sometimes this will require that it be surgically removed or tacked down, when it will not return to normal. Other times it seems just to pop up and after a while return to normal. A cherry eye looks worse than it is. But if it doesn't return to normal in about 24 hours it will have to be removed or tacked down. This usually happens as a puppy so you might as well have them spayed/neutered at the same time.








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Before you call about getting a new dog, adult or puppy, make sure everyone in the household, husband & wife, are willing to have a new dog. If you both aren't in agreement, please don't call.


 Please go to the Placement Questionnaire page and answer the questions. 

The price I quote is not negotiable, so please do not ask. 


Unfortunately, I am not longer able to ship a puppy to you. They are considered a snub nosed breed by those who make those type of decisions. You will need to fly into Denver and pick any puppy up to fly home with you in the cabin. Other options are coming to Elizabeth or I can arrange a transportation service. 




I have male puppies available.

DOB 10/13/23


There is no way to ship a puppy. You have to fly in to DIA and I will meet you there. 

Or you can drive to Elizabeth.

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